Word Pals

Q: How does the Combo Meter work?

A: Uncover words in a puzzle to fill up the Combo Meter. The Combo Meter will start to go down if too much time passes between finding words in the puzzle. The small meter below the Combo Meter counts down to when the Combo Meter will start to go down.

Q: What does the Combo Meter do?

A: The Combo Meter provides bonuses the more you fill it up. The first and second thresholds reward you with bonus treats while the last threshold gives you a free Life!

Q: How do I get a Pal?

A: Collect treats from completing puzzles to purchase Pals in the Pal Menu.

Q: What do the Stars on Pals do?

A: Purchasing a star level for your Pal will increase the bonus that it provides. Each Pal can be upgraded 3 times.

Q: What are Looks?

A: Looks are alternate visual appearances that you can set on any Pal that you own. Looks do not provide any additional bonuses and are purely cosmetic changes.

Q: How do I earn Looks for Pals that I own?

A: Purchase Pal Presents in the Looks Menu. Pal Presents reward you with a handful of pieces towards Looks from Pets that you own. When you collect enough pieces, a Look will unlock that you can then use for your Pal.

Q: What are Bonus Words and what do they do?

A: Bonus Words are valid words in the dictionary that are at least 4 letters long and are not a part of the puzzle. Bonus words add gems to the Gem Chest that you can then unlock.

Q: How does the Gem Chest work?

A: Find Bonus Words in a puzzle to earn gems for the Gem Chest. Once the Gem Chest has 150 gems in it, it can be purchased. The Gem Chest has a maximum capacity of 300 gems.

Q: How long does it take to replenish a Life?

A: It takes 30 minutes to replenish one Life.


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